U.D.O. Super 6 Desktop

The desktop version of the Super 6 synthesizer contains the same sound generation as the keyboard version. U.D.O. Mastermind George Hearn nevertheless wanted an extremely independent design for the desktop; similar to the successful Super 6 keyboard in terms of basic cabinet construction, but with a more sharply drawn design language. We therefore designed the side panels to be arrow-shaped towards the user. A central, forward-sloping light edge visually minimises the overall height of the case. The result is a natural slope of the panel, which, as with the keyboard version, is divided into two areas via a terraced structure /: the synthesiser level at the back and slightly elevated, the control level at the front, for very direct access.

At the end of the second design phase, George came up with the idea of making the rear unit feet foldable, which allows the working angle of the synthesizer to be varied further. The lower housing shell also integrates a Vesa mount connection and, with the help of a corresponding telescopic arm, can be integrated into the musician's working area in an almost arbitrary, floating manner.

A core requirement was to be able to integrate the instrument into a 19" rack. For this purpose, we developed special rack adapters that integrate perfectly into the design of the instrument. The design of the rear panel allows the user to perfectly integrate the instrument into a rack. For this purpose, the connection panel has been offset inwards by approx. 20 mm from the visible edge.


The instrument design appears very compact and extremely fast - reminiscent of an X-Wing starfighter, and this impression is further supported by the colour scheme. Nevertheless, the synthesiser is clearly recognisable as a member of the Super 6 family, as the same strong design features are used: A clear product graphic. The same, very high-quality controls. Strict adherence to ergonomically optimal spacing despite the compactness. Consistency of colour for particularly important / special functions.